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Outside Us


Sometimes life don’t show no meaning. Sometimes life just shows you a road. Sometimes life don’t give the answers. Sometimes believe don’t just follow. Sometimes all you do is free fall. Sometimes begin to find a flow. Sometimes we fail to hear the call. Sometimes spiral out of control. Sometimes we can reach out to touch. Sometimes all you can do is trust. Sometimes our steps don’t lead to much. Sometimes we are just curious. Sometimes the world can feel so small. 

Sometimes can’t find a place to hide. Sometimes I feel I want it all. Sometimes I know this is my life. Sometimes show me that I exist. Sometimes at night I stay awake. Sometimes it’s you I can’t resist. Sometimes I feel we could be safe. Sometimes our words can be spoken. Sometimes emotions can be mixed. Sometimes our hearts can be broken. Sometimes lost or sometimes fixed. Sometimes talk is cheap and dangerous. Sometimes secrets are shared with friends. Sometimes give our thoughts to strangers. Sometimes open but that depends. Sometimes I try to change my mood. Sometimes I know I make no sense. Sometimes I know it’s time to move. Sometimes I feel I reach the end. Sometimes things can’t be explained. Sometimes our thoughts get in the way. Sometimes our lives will always change. Sometimes we find things hard to say. Sometimes I’m in the trigger room. Sometimes alone here with my thoughts. Sometimes the change has come too soon. Sometimes pretend that nothing hurts. Sometimes there is no confusion. Sometimes hurt has every reason. Sometimes love gives no illusion. Sometimes I think I feel too much. Sometimes I don’t like being high. Sometimes I want to run away. Sometimes there are no reasons why. Sometimes there’s a voice in darkness. Sometimes help is not that obvious. Sometimes life is meant to guide us. Sometimes I fail to even notice. Words mean nothing if you don’t include me. Love says ‘I’m not gone, I’ll hang on to the heart that cheats me’. Life says ‘let’s look into the future; create a memory. Passion says ‘can I join you on this journey?’ Doubt says ‘don’t forget me’. Conscience says ‘I’m awake’. Dream says ‘I’m here for your reality’. Thought says ‘I count for nothing if you don’t complete me’. Lost between desire and fear, did you find all of the answers do all the visions appear? Do your thoughts keep you awake now, with all the sounds that you hear? Do you search for the light or keep hold of your faith? When the needle of devotion now breaks in through your skin, it will leave you lost in darkness from the time it begins. When you’re alone in the silence, when you reach out for the signs. When you listen to the voices to all the thoughts inside your mind.  

when there’s no one here to show you how to keep the faith in your life. Time will help you to understand. Who will be there when you are lost? Life will be there when you’re found. Who will be there to count the cost? I begin a revolution now I begin with the word I. Now I create my own style, always use the same solution now as I used as a child. Now always be yourself nobody likes it when you’re wild. They never seem to have the time now when you ask the reasons why. So always speak the truth because because nobody likes a lie. Now you get more from being nice than you do from being unkind. Be careful with decisions and all the choices that you make. Some people are real genuine whilst others are just fake. Tell me if you forget the cause if the beat has been up-tempo’d. When life has changed all of the chords. Now don’t let them control you, don’t let them take all that is yours. Don’t let them take all that is yours.  

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