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It’s like everybody had that special place to hide, like going up into your room. But if somebody came into your room, you were found. It was like going down to the water, and seeing your reflection in the water. Touching the water, to see how deep the water is. That’s where I hear her voice. Then her call comes from the wild. Takes me to where I’m still a child. She sets me free, helps me believe; shows me the things that I can’t see. To reach out touch, to learn to trust. To hear her voice, to think of us. A memory that says so much, about a time to understand; the inner self of who I am. We take a walk down by the shore, the waves they crash into the land; until the land can give no more. Still time is where the oceans roar. We take the path that takes us back, out of those times that make us sad. Across the bridge where we let go, of all those fears we used to know. In that moment we take those things, that always seemed to keep our dreams. I close my eyes; she takes me to that special place. Where once again I reach out. I touch her face. I hold her tight. She guides me in her love her light. Now we’re in time a special mood, I miss her mouth; I make my move. I make my move. Sun comes through the breeze to shine a light on times like these. To bring us all those precious things, the innocence no one believes. The innocence no one believes. I seen today a butterfly that’s lost in time. Now her and I we’re not alone. My thoughts with her and hers with mine. Now her and I we’re not alone. Now her and I we’re not alone. We’re not alone. We’re not, we’re not alone. We’re not, we’re not alone.

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